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Clients love their unique brands. Show them you do, too. You win business by catering to your client's unique needs and brands. You make it profitable by creating company-wide systems and best practices so you're more efficient. That's where InOrder's Enterprise Management System for Fulfillment Service Providers can help. InOrder supports the unique needs and brands of each of your clients, no matter how many clients you have. It's the single solution that gives each of your clients control over their websites, inventory and order information without your losing control over internal operations. InOrder gives clients the service and brand identities they need and your organization the profitable, consistent operation that's paramount to your success. With InOrder you have one, simple, turnkey solution that gives each of your clients a high level of control. And with one system serving many clients, you can streamline everything in your enterprise - from data import mapping, warehouse bin optimization and picking logic to packing verification and customizable client billing. With InOrder your clients get better service while you get lower overhead and increased efficiency from a complete, stable, off-the-shelf, highly modular solution that lets your enterprise grow without fear, worry or limitation. InOrder gives you: •A real-time, single database that offers consistent information to everyone in your enterprise. •A solution that covers all departments including Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting, Warehouse, Order Processing, Brand Management, Inventory and Sales InOrder gives your clients: •Smarter Customer Service Reps: because they have improved order info and real-time inventory access to help them satisfy customers •Maximized web use: order tracking, status, history, opt-in/opt-out, repeat orders, gift cards/shopping, wish lists and loyalty programs •Improved speed, accuracy of order processing •Lower costs through better inventory control, more accurate forecasting and more efficient, more muscular marketing. •Easier access to unexplored sales channels. •Centralized data for consistent, interconnected information provided to everyone in your organization.

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