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Accounting InOrder offers you a complete ERP solution. Manage all of your financials with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Purchasing. Designed with you in mind, InOrder's Financial modules are tightly linked with the other areas of your InOrder system, allowing visibility and functionality to take place in real-time across all departments. Job Cost Module Job Cost is InOrder's module for tracking and reporting on the many detail-oriented tasks within your organization. It is flexible and comprehensive. Designed to be used for a variety of situations - within the fulfillment industry it can be used to quote ongoing fulfillment jobs and individual kit building projects. Estimated project costs and profitability are always calculated as the job parameters change. This feature lets you know how low a quote you can submit and still turn a profit. or when to turn down a project. This feature alone should pay for InOrder in a short period of time! Job Templates may be defined for your standard projects. When a new job request comes in you just copy the template into a new job record, making changes as necessary. You may start the job as a quote or just begin it as a job. The quote is used as the job budget if the job is accepted. All hours and materials are recorded against each job. Job progress reports and job profitability reports are available. Within the publishing community, Job Costing for acquisitions and reprints can help you track forecasted income and expenses for new and existing titles. The forecasted sales and expenses become your budgeted amounts for titles that you decided to (re)print.job progress reports keep you posted on the status and costs of each job. MultiClient Module InOrder's MultiClient module lets you process orders for all of your clients while keeping each client's customers, prospects, inventory, promotions and accounting data separate from the other companies. The design of InOrder allows all of your clients to coexist in your one InOrder database.. You can allow clients to access their own data by extending them real-time access to their information via the Internet. See our Client licenses below. You may also offer each client their own eCommerce system that can be custom-tailored to their needs and can access their data in real time. General Ledger Module InOrder General Ledger is a true accounting marvel. It summarizes complex transaction data from all areas of InOrder and presents that data in easy to understand management and financial reports. Not only can you specify General Ledger accounts for each type of transaction within InOrder - you can also specify different accounts that should automatically apply in certain situations. For example, InOrder can automatically assign sales and cost of sales accounts to a line item on an order based upon the type of customer that is purchasing the item and the type of inventory that is being purchased. This is the kind of power and flexibility that you should expect from a true Enterprise Management System. Purchase Order Module InOrder's "Reorder List" program produces a recommended list of items to reorder based upon reorder quantities, predicted promotion demand or statistical analysis of past sales. Your marketing people can massage this list and then transfer their needs to the purchasing department. Using InOrder's Purchase Order Module, the purchasing department can then further refine this list based upon purchase quantity discounts, vendor pricing and other criteria and then generate a purchase order. Unit of measure conversion, vendor SKUs and vendor descriptions are fully supported. Accounts Payable Module InOrder's Payables system is tightly linked to our Inventory Control, Purchase Order, Commission and Royalty modules. This linking removes the need for re-keying information and permits an automatic three-way check of Purchase Order, Receipts and Vendor invoices. Customer refunds can be processed through Accounts Payable without the need to add each customer as a vendor. Accounts Receivable Module This module is InOrder's completely integrated Accounts Receivable system. It is tightly linked with InOrder's Order Processing module. You may apply a payment directly to an invoice or to a customer account where it will be applied to the oldest invoices first. You may reapply a payment from one invoice to another or from one customer to another. You may also merge two customers into one and combine their receivable information at the touch of a button. Statements and dunning letters are available. Commission Module Commissions are never straightforward. There are always special deals and other motivators offered to sales reps to increase their enthusiasm and your revenues. InOrder addresses the complexities of commission contracts with its commissions' module using a unique method to describe each clause of the sales rep's contract with a high degree of flexibility. This approach gives you the means to have your commissions calculated quickly and accurately - usually without any additional manual adjusting (although that is also available.) Royalty Module Royalties are a much more than a liability of your organization. They are a reflection of an important relationship between you and your licensors or authors. We have developed a Royalty Module that will allow both parties to be pleased with the results. The system that we have developed comes from nearly three decades of experience dealing with companies and their royalty needs. Our Royalties module is extremely flexible. You are able to arrange for royalties to be paid in a variety of ways. The system allows for advances to be paid. It is also able to handle multiple payees and multiple items on a contract. You may pay royalties based upon list price, net price, paid invoices and other options. Credit Card Processing - Module Enhancement Credit card processing in real-time is today's standard. We offer a multitude of processor interfaces. Please contact our sales team for a complete list. Exchange Rates - Module Enhancement Allows your company to bill and receive payments in multiple currencies. General Ledger Export Interface - Module Enhancement Transfer all of your InOrder transactions to your favorite GL. Installment Billing- Module Enhancement Increase sales with payments over time. Inventory Cost Tracking - Module Enhancement Capture Inventory and sales costs using FIFO, LIFO, AVERAGE or STANDARD costing methods. Refund Checks - Module Enhancement Automate refund processing Tax Rate Interface - Module Enhancement Lets you import all sales and use tax rates by state, county, city and local tax jurisdictions directly into InOrder.

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