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Customer Relationship Management Everything your CSRs need all at their finger tips: order entry; collecting demographics; return authorizations; repeat orders; order history; correspondence and order tracking. Perfect for any call center whether you have 1 or 1,000 CSRs. Empower your sales agents with InOrder Outbound CRM! Manage contacts with follow-up scheduling; call capture; unlimited notes; manage multiple call lists; sort by follow-date, priority flag and time zone. Contact Management Module (Inbound) The Customer Service program gives you viewing and updating capabilities for all aspects of a customer or prospect's data. It lets you enter orders and credits. It lets you make a record of each call, whether or not anything was purchased or returned. It also shows you a complete chronological history of all notes, contacts, orders, credits, correspondence, payments and returns. RFM and lifetime value information are also available. Contact Management Module (Outbound) The Contact Management (outbound) adds many useful extensions to the base InOrder system. It provides each Customer Service Rep with a tickler list of prospects and customers to call. These lists may be generated manually by the Rep or automatically using a selection from the house prospect list. Call Center Software If some of your employees spend their entire day on the phone taking orders and answering customers' questions, then the Call Center Program may be the perfect, cost-effective tool for them. This one program lets them look up inventory, check on orders, enter orders, enter credits, update addresses and demographics, correspond with customers and many other customer service-related tasks. Phone System Interface - Module Enhancement Empower your InOrder CRM software with real-time connectivity to your phone system for customer record retrieval through caller ID prior to answering the call.

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