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August 12, 2010

Straight Talk on Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce: On Every Retailer's Wish List

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Early Bird

Get customers thinking about shopping on your site as soon as possible.

 Mobile Commerce: On Every Retailer's Wish List

As if retailers didn't have enough to do to ramp up for holiday season, we are now feeling the pressure to be mobile. With good reason. Smartphone sales rose 49% in the first quarter of 2010, according to Digby. And online shopping is still on the rise - visits and revenues up 15% and 13% respectively and average order size up 5.39% according to one index published by MarketLive recently.

If you combine those stats, it is no wonder retailers donít want to miss out! Savvy retailers will implement mobile strategies for before, during AND after peak.

Promote wish lists and gift registries via mobile marketing; prominently display them on your mobile site.

Give your customers an easy way to "mobile-ly share" wish lists.

Use emails to build awareness of your mobile offerings.

Incorporate loyalty programs via mobile technologies.

Encourage and facilitate sharing of purchases and gift ideas with others through social media and mobile tools.

Last Minute

Last Minute

During peak shopping season, your customers will be on the go doing their last minute shopping, so reach out to their mobile devices.

Don't discount text-messaging as a tool. Not everything has to be an app or a fully-loaded mobile site; SMS and MMS messaging can have a big impact.
Tell them about one-of-a-kind gifts, daily deals, time-limited discounts and coupons, while they are out shopping.
Make sure your items are listed on popularly-downloaded price comparison apps such as GetPrice,, Scan & Shop and Save Benji's.
If possible, use GeoLocation to send relevant messages to shoppers: right time, right place, right products.

Now, Itís My Turn

After the holidays are over, keep your mobile momentum going.

Tempt your customers to buy for themselves what they didn't get from others.
Show them what your best sellers and hot items were.
Make it easy for them to redeem their gift cards.
Keep your content fresh so they will get into the shopping habit with you, even without a "holiday shopping" urgency.

Bottom Line:  Being 'mobile by peak' does not have to mean an all-or-nothing strategy. Any mobile effort you make (if done well) can improve your outreach
and relationship with customers and increase your holiday sales.


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