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November 02, 2010

Straight Talk on Holiday Gifting

Put a Bow on It - Make it Fun, Fast, Easy, and Special

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 Holiday Gift ShoppingGifting Tips

Yes, there are those people who make their Christmas shopping list in January, who look for the perfect holiday gifts all year long and buy them when they see them, because they remember you were looking for a silver necklace, wrapped it and have it waiting in their gift closet.

This is not for those people. This is for the rest of us.

We meant to do all those things but... wait, seriously? It's December already? And I haven't bought anything? For anyone? Yikes.

We are your customers. We're stressed, we're behind, and we need help. Here are 5 of the many things you can do for your gift-shopping customers.

  1. Give us ideas. Lots of them, in lots of ways. What to buy, for whom. Eddie Bauer points out their Gift Shop on the home page. And promotes their "limited time only" free shipping. Red Envelope, the go-to gift site, promotes gifts in several different ways, right on the home page - including "need a gift today?".

  2. Give us options for the actual gift cards the way Victoria's Secret does. This makes the "gift" more fun and more personal. And has the added benefit of making us feel like we actually did put some time and effort into this.

  3. Take away even more of our stress - give us "gift reminders". We don't just shop at Christmas. Neiman Marcus, known for amazing and unusual gifts, has reminders, their famous Christmas Book, and a "buy now, gift later option (for that rare time when we did plan ahead!). And it reminds us that we also need to buy for our corporate "friends".

  4. Make it Special. We're probably not going to be there when they open their present. Make it look beautiful. Provide a description of the gift so the recipient will understand the significance and why it was a special purchase. Red Envelope's success is due, in a large part, not just to their product selection but to how well they do gifting.

  5. Sometimes the packaging is (almost) everything.And nobody knows that better than Tiffany. There's not a woman whose heart doesn't skip a beat when they see that "Tiffany blue" box. Maximize your brand. Let us have the same gift options online as we would in your store.

Bottom Line:  Being 'mobile by peak' does not have to mean an all-or-nothing
strategy. Any mobile effort you make (if done well) can improve your outreach
and relationship with customers and increase your holiday sales.


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