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Social-ize Your Site!

Posted on October 26th, 2011

Like “Peak” season is right around the corner! There are quick and easy things you
can do right now to add social media to your website.

And why? Here are some useful (and even surprising) stats:

Stats Source
How do you keep your customers connected to you through social media on your website? Based on a survey of the Top 100 eRetailers (IR100), almost three quarters of the top websites employ social media icons on their home
Already have the basics up and running? Then consider these more advanced ways of integrating social media.

Social strategies are going beyond building a nice Facebook page and sprinkling Like buttons throughout the site. Here are three innovative advanced social media implementations. In the first example, FTD allows consumers to sort by Facebook likes, where the number of likes appears next to each product.


In another example presented at’s Annual Summit, was created with consumer habits at the forefront. Handbag shoppers care what their friends think about their bags so integrating social media onto the site in a smart way was a must. Consumers can register on the site with their Facebook login which connects with a Facebook toolbar to keep the shopper on their website and encourages sharing. The search results page below is visually clean and the social media icons appear when the consumer interacts onscreen with the product. Once the icons
appear, the consumer is encouraged to “Like” or “Share,” or “Comment” on the site and post to their news feed.

Through both of these examples, as well as many others from Ticketmaster,, Blue Nile, and more, the brands took care to choose the right social media mix that fits their target audience and brand.

If you really want to be cutting edge (cutting edge for now, that is), look what Ticketmaster is doing. 80% of their users share their ticket information via Facebook with everyone – not just friends. The RSVP feature “Tell your friends you’re attending” drives 33% more visits. Each “like” is $5.00 in ticket sales!

To find other ways – from basic to advanced – to make your website more “friendly”, download our presentation, ON-SITE SOCIAL MEDIA: Today and Tomorrow. There’sno time to waste!

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