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Happy Happy!

Posted on December 22nd, 2010

Happy Happy!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
We at FitForCommerce want to share our happiness with you!

We’re happy you all made it through 2010 – whether relatively unscathed or really successful. Congratulations! We know it wasn’t easy. It’s a testimony to your hard work and smart decisions. There was no “wave” to ride this year!

We’re happy we were able to work with so many of you and we’re happy we helped you make it through. Let us count (some of) the ways!


Understanding where you are in the market place.
We’ve done comparisons of your store’s numbers (including online sales, conversion rates, online AOV, number of skus) against your competition’s, giving you a better sense of how you stack up and where you have opportunities to improve.

Market Comps


Analyzing your P+L.
We’ve helped you run your numbers and defined multiple options over multiple years, so you can project the investment needed to take you to your profit goals.


Providing benchmarking and best practices.
We’ve done detailed, feature-by-feature analyses to show how you compare against your competition and against industry best practices,helping you prioritize changes needed and differentiate the low-hanging fruit from the more substantive work.

Analyzing your P+L


Understanding the components of your ecommerce business.
We’ve walked you through your entire ecommerce “ecosystem”, defining the key components of each and clarifying how they all are (or should be) integrated into a complete ecommerce operation.


Navigating through the Ecommerce Galaxy and filling in the “gaps”.
We’ve helped you understand who the players are, which companies are thriving and which might not be around, down the road. And we’ve guided your selections of those providers and their solutions – for ecommerce platforms, mobile technology, OMS and various point solutions.

The Ecommerce Galaxy


Assessing your organization and helping with staffing.
We’ve helped you re-structure your organization to take you to the next level. We’ve helped you assess your current staff, define new roles and find the right people to work with you to achieve your revenue goals.


See what your customers see. We’ve used sophisticated eye-tracking technology to actually demonstrate the usability of your design and let you “see” what is working, what is not working and why.

See what your customers see


Prioritizing your next steps.
We’ve helped you come up with your “to-do” list. And we’ve helped you prioritize the list – by evaluating the benefits, the size of the effort and the dependencies.

Prioritizing your next steps.


Budgeting – what to spend on and how much.
We’ve helped you come up with your annual budget by breaking the areas down, providing reasonable costs and percentages and relating those to your revenue and business goals.


Being a trusted resource for all your business challenges.
We are ecommerce experts whose business it is to understand the marketplace, ecommerce technologies and providers, trends and strategies. We do this all day, every day, and we leverage this knowledge to help you succeed.

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