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Everyone’s Talking About Mobile Commerce

Posted on December 1st, 2010

Everyone's talking about mobile commerce And we’re listening.  We did a survey a few weeks ago to learn what ecommerce companies are thinking about mobile commerce, what they are doing about it, and why.

We were surprised by some of the responses, and others just confirmed what we suspected.  To see the complete results of our survey, click here.

We wanted to know who was doing something with mobile, who wasn’t and why not.

  • 58% of the companies responding do not have any mobile capabilities – neither mobile marketing nor m-commerce.   34% have m-commerce.
  • Why not more? A small percentage (less than 24%) said that they had executives who were not interested in mobile.  That was still a larger percentage than we would have thought, given all the buzz out there.
  • A third thought the investment was too much and a third thought it was incompatible with their ecommerce system. That thinking seems to ignore the less expensive ways to dip your toe into the mobile pool – marketing, store locator, promotions, etc.
  • Only 17% of those not yet mobile have no mobile plans.  The mobile train is leaving the station!


We wanted to know who was driving mobile development, what their goals were, and were those goals being met.

  • Not surprisingly, mobile development is championed by the marketing and/or the ecommerce departments.   Only 6% say that the IT department is driving their mobile efforts.
  • More than half have a fully-functioning mobile site. The two other most prevalent uses are showcasing products and providing store locator functionality.  Efforts to leverage coupons/marketing and social media are just beginning.
  • The good news is that, while determining mobile ROI is a new science, over 40% have seen a positive ROI from their mobile efforts.  The bad news is that 20% have not.  And the ugly news is that over 30% either haven’t measured it or don’t know how to measure it.


To see all the other interesting tidbits, click here.  And stay tuned for the forthcoming FFC M-Commerce Benchmark & Buyer’s Guide.

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