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A Texas-sized Summit — A lot to do, learn, see!

Posted on October 6th, 2010

Dallas group 1 v2

In Dallas, FitForCommerce partnered with to provide the most value to retailers and exhibitors, so they can maximize their time at the Summit.  We had our goals and, dang it, we met them!  We can always improve and we’ve already had a meeting to figure out how to do better next year.  But this year was a Texas-sized success!

Goal 1:  Learn about the exhibitors.    check

Providers have been diligent about going to and updating their profiles.   And the FFC team has been diligent about being sure they are up-to-date on what the exhibitors have to offer.

Goal 2:  Give informative, unbiased, category-specific exhibitor “tours” to retailers.  check2

The retailers loved having a “guide” to take them around the Hall, ask the right questions, hear from the exhibitors about what differentiates them.  Once they had their tour, they often went back to exhibitors to learn more.   CEOs from enterprises doing +$200million online walked along side SMB presidents, all eager to get info on eCommerce solutions.   We were very pleased to get feedback from “tourists” saying that they were “very valuable”, “the only way to walk the floor”, and “all content, all meat, no potatoes”.

Goal 3:  Provide 1-on-1 “White Glove Tours” to retailers. check2 For those who needed a longer, in-depth conversation, we discussed their areas of interest and then took them around to exhibitors who met their needs.   Dedicated time with an expert was a clear “win” for retailers.  Some have signed up for this 3 years in a row!

Goal 4:  Hear the buzz; participate in the conversation.    check2 Lots of retailers talking about and asking for help with replatforming, upgrading, where to invest, in which technology.  Multichannnel and mobile eCommerce were getting the attention of C-levels at major retailers.  How to determine the best way to participate in social commerce and how to assess the ROI were hot topics.  There was a lot of emphasis on growing the channel, being competitive, staying ahead of the competition, innovating.

Goal 5:  Help retailers – in so many ways. check2 At the booth, at dinners, walking the floor, we talked to eCommerce merchants of all verticals and sizes … about everything!   Strategy, organization, marketing, merchandising, replatforming, point solutions, mobile, social.  You name it, we talked about it.   And made suggestions on what to do next, what to think about, and how FFC can help.

Goal 6:  Connect and Reconnect.    check2 We were able to visit with exhibitors and expand our knowledge of their offerings.   We were able to spend time with FitForCommerce clients and prospects to talk about the industry and next steps.

As for what happened “after hours”, well, that’s a blog of a different color.

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